About Us

The Story of Petit Papillon......Vintage Designs with Whimsy

 Petit Papillon was inspired by five little whimsical butterflies who fill my life with love, laughter, and chaos! The name Petit Papillon is rich with inspiration.  It means little butterfly in French which was the language spoken by Nikki's grandparents in Southern Louisiana. It is an elegant language and culture with a love of beauty and fashion that inspires! The butterfly as a symbol of rebirth also has great personal significance since two of my little inspirations are adopted. Watching their new lives unfold kept drawing me to the image of the beautiful butterfly.

 The delicate design of the butterfly’s wings and its playful fluttering inspire my timeless designs with a touch of whimsy.  The clothing echoes the pureness of childhood where love, imagination, and play fill families with joy and laughter. The original designs grow out of a love for the creative process and my precious girls. The hands on philosophy ensures that we provide our customer with a high quality product.  We use the finest fabrics in our dresses. It is important to me that children enjoy wearing our becoming and comfortable designs.

 The genesis of the Petit Papillon started with the friendships formed with other moms while volunteering  in my local communities.  Our belief in the importance of empowering women has led me to work with a predominately female production team. It is my hope that as the company grows so will my ability to positively impact the lives of women and children around the world. To those ends, a percentage of every sale will go to the organization, Love Without Boundaries, to support their work with orphans and poor families in Asia and Africa.

I hope your sweet petit well love wearing our designs as much as we love creating them. 


Yours truly,